Adoption Process

An Overview of What to Expect

PittieLove Rescue, Inc. prides itself on having a thorough adoption process. Since all of our dogs are in foster homes, we have a great understanding of their personalities in an actual home, versus a shelter where they can be stressed. Our adoption counselors will guide you through the adoption process and are volunteering their time to help make a great forever match. Sometimes, we get caught up in the coloring, looks, or description of a dog on the website, but our volunteers have much more information that will assist in guiding you to a dog that truly matches your lifestyle and home life for the perfect match!


Our process consists of the following:

  1. Complete an Application
  2. Phone Interview
    • This is typically a 20-30 minute call.
  3. Reference Checks
    • Both veterinary and personal references are checked.
  4. Home Visit
    • A local PittieLove Rescue, Inc. volunteer visits your home, which usually takes around 45-minutes and includes verification of home ownership.
  5. Meet the Dog
    • Your family will be guided to meeting a dog that would be a good match – all family members are required to be present.
  6. Other Steps
    • Depending on the initial dog meet, follow up meets may be required, especially in the case where you already have a resident dog.

We do not perform same day adoptions and encourage your family to sleep on it since it’s a big commitment. If all goes well, we schedule the adoption as soon as volunteer schedules will allow.

Learn all about the PittieLove adoption process

Ways to Help

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PittieLove Rescue is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, volunteer-operated organization which means that 100% of the funds donated go directly to the pit bulls in our care. All donations are tax deductible.

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